Flexo Cut and Stack FCS

The FCS is a Flexo Cut and Stack machine for manufacturing paper bags and envelopes for the e-commerce market. The FCS is perfect for helping businesses reduce the amount plastic in their supply chain by manufacturing paper bags and envelopes in the e-commerce market, and as the e-commerce market continues to grow we see the popularity for paper packaging rising.

Meet demand by supplying:

  • Paper bags
  • Envelopes
  • Other packaging items


This machine has two flexographic stations and is capable of speeds up to 180m/min. By investing in this machine you not only gain greener efficiencies as the bag can be re-used by the consumer to return their goods you also benefit from general production efficiencies.


  • Waste reduction
  • Stock reduction
  • Minimal electricity consumption
  • Fewer operators required


View and download the eFCS130 Technical Specification by clicking here.