Easy Open Technologies

The Easy Open SRC is a slitter rewinder for options for both narrow and wider web applications with a semi rotary die cutting inline. This allows the production of adding the additional process of precutting, creating a window, shape or easy open on a completed roll. With pick up rewinder and double turret rewinder designed for higher productivity, and high quality and perfect tension control through out, Enprom’s Easy Open Technology is a welcome addition to any customers wanting to diversify their offer.

The Easy Open SRC:

  • Provides an accurate laser path
  • Can be used on many applications
  • Improves quality


  • Replaces tear strips, zips and closures
  • Used in numerous laminated pouches such as tortillas, wet wipes, cookies and snack packages
  • Enables creative designs due the added value of an easy open
  • Resealable packaging solutions
  • Suitable for multi-compartment packs